Water Damage Restoration

We use the best equipment in the industry for our water damage restoration jobs

The results of flooding, damaged plumbing or faulty appliances are issues that nobody wants to deal with.

If not dealt with professionally it can lead to serious health and financial problems.

Rapid Dry should be your first call!

We can deal with the whole process, call 24/7 because we know that floods don't always happen during office hours.

How does water damage occur?

  • Flooding Natural flooding from severe weather events.
  • Faulty or damaged plumbing Burst pipes or faulty connections.
  • Defective appliances Dishwashers, washing machine break downs.
  • Accidents or negligence Taps left on, bath overflowing.
  • Vandalism Disgruntled tenants causing damage before moving out.

What will your technicians do?

  • Prevent personal injury By eliminating health risks.
  • Prevent further damage By acting quickly we can halt further damage.
  • Determine source of damage Identify where the water damage originated.
  • Expedite recovery time The quicker you act the quicker it's fixed.
  • Eliminate harmful contamination Quick action reduces the risk of progressing to pathogenic contamination.
  • Restore to pre-damage condition We will restore your property to a pre-loss condition.

What can be saved?

Category 1 - Clean Water

Clean water is not generally considered to pose a substantial threat to humans. Time, however, plays a very important part in the changing condition of the water.

If treated within 72 hours, damaged carpets and underlay can be restored and saved.

As time lapses, and if the flood is not attended to, fungi and bacteria begin to grow and the condition quickly move to Category 2.

Category 2 - Grey Water

Grey water is considered to pose some significant health risks to humans. It certainly contains contaminants and allows accelerated growth of micro-organisms.

If attended to with 48 hours, damaged carpet can be restored and saved, however, underlay must always be disposed of.

Grey water can come directly from leaking washing machines, dishwashers, water beds, etc. and nearly always contains pathogens.

Grey water contamination is aggravated by time and temperature and if not treated within 48 hours turns to Category 3.

Category 3 - Black Water

Black water always poses a serious health risk because it always contains pathogens.

The main sources of black water contamination are through clean or grey water contamination that has been allowed to stand, ground or river water (as they carry silt and organic matter) and raw sewage from damaged or overflowing drainage systems.

All carpets and underlay must be disposed of immediately when contaminated by black water.

Why use Rapid Dry?

  • Qualified, certified technicians Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration.
  • Quality, professional grade equipment We use the latest truck mounted equipment for the best results.
  • Prompt, reliable service We make contact within 2 hours.
  • Competitive rates We work to industry rates.
  • All suburbs covered We cover all Adelaide suburbs.